Full-service insurance defense law firm providing legal advice and representation to insurance companies and self-insured corporations

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Our Vision

Quality work product, compliance with litigation and billing guidelines, and conscientious case handling are the pillars of our practice. These considerations will always take precedence before remuneration concerns.

Working Late at Night to Deliver Legal Advice

Our Mission

We strive to achieve the results our clients seek through strategic and unconventional approaches to litigation and resolution.

Gavel, Phone and Scales of Justice on a desk

Our Values

GSBW is a firm built on the philosophy of relationships. For over 25 years, we have had a reputation for being fully prepared and efficiently handling complicated matters for our clients. 


We are risk managers, litigators, and trial attorneys. We have earned the respect of adversaries by fostering environments where parties can candidly discuss their position, often resulting in equitable resolution. We have always pursued this philosophy, and our consistency in maintaining it gives us the insight to achieve competitive advantages.

One person, one voice 

Many of our competitors are great marketers who will never handle your case. For us, asking a client for business and not being involved does not make sense. That’s not us. Our business model is to be with you for the entire lifespan of a file.

While other firms shuffle your file between multiple associates, and you constantly have to create a new contact, GSBW keeps the process simple.

Bridging relationships

Each Partner is personally responsible and involved with your case, giving each case continuity and sustainability to provide consistency in the reporting and direction of the case. Your GSBW attorney will be your contact from day one until the case is closed. We are engaged. We create in-depth personal relationships with our accounts.

Should a person leave your company, you can rest easy knowing that your contact at GSBW has all the details to keep you informed because we were there from the start.

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